Wire Pull Smoke Grenade




Brand Wire Pull
Size Large
Sports Smoking
Warranty Limited (6 months)
Exchange / Return Hassle-Free Exchanges & Returns for 30 Days




Wire Pull Smoke Grenade is used for the smoke creation. You can use this gadet for the fun and also used for movie recording and creating the smoke for outclass look. Wire Pull Smoke Grenade contains smoke which will create smoke all surrounding. It can be operated from 6 to 12 feet distance.

This product is designed for military, police, training, paintball, and air-soft applications. Gloves, glasses, and eye protection were all necessary for this job.

Wire Pull Smoke Grenade brand trusted by police, consumers and a leader in the personal safety category. Wire Pull Smoke Grenade Spray is made in the China.


WHITE- Screening

RED- Danger Zone

GREEN- Safe Zone

BLUE- Medical Zone

ORANGE- Distress Zone/Maritime

PURPLE- Landing Zone


Wire Pull Smoke Grenade Precautions:


Avoid to discharge the Smoke Grenade into a head-wind direct spray at attackers face. You have to discharges in a tightly projected stream has a range up to 5m. Wire Pull Smoke Grenade will blind you for temporary purpose so that you can save your life.

What is Smoke Grenade?


  1. Safety Distance – 5 Meters
  2. Fuse burn Time – 3.5 Seconds (+/-0.5 sec)
  3. Smoke emission time – Average: 45-55 sec (Not including fuse burn)
  4. Sound level (db) – Negligible
  5. Output – Dense smoke coverage
  6. Product motion from test point – 1 meter from firing point
  7. Fragment zone – N/A
  8. Destruction – N/A
  9. Safety Equipment – Please refer to product msd and use instructions
  10. Product dimensions – Height 121mm Width 44mm


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