Stun Gun KL-958




Product Name Stun Gun (KL-958)
Size 90 x 30 x 20 mm
Length 10 cm
Items Inbox 1 x Taser
1 x Pouch
1 x Charger Cable
Output power: 2,000,000 volts


Stun Gun KL-958


Despite its small size, the Stun Gun KL-958 of 2,000,000 volts is incredibly powerful (like a pack of cigarettes!). It’s extremely strong in fact, and it generates a current discharge of 2,000,000 volts (2,000 Kv), which can ground any aggressor whether person or animal.

The Stun Gun KL-958 is a tiny model with a small footprint (only 3 cm thick) that fits in the palm of your hand. It has an instructional booklet in Italian and English. Personal safety is enhanced by the Stun Gun KL-958, which is produced by UZI.

The internal rechargeable NiMh battery pack in the Stun Gun KL-958 is powered by an electric cable connected to a wall outlet, and it comes with a safety button for initiating the current discharge. It has a handy black cordura case with belt loop but may also be carried in your pocket.


Description of Stun Gun KL-958:


A stunning device that emits an electric shock from a stun gun to either a beast or a person, resulting in paralysis. Stun Gun (KL-958) is an electroshock weapon which is an immobilizing weapon that temporarily incapacitates either a creature or a human being with an electric shock delivered by the stun gun.

Its main features are described below:

  • Light & Compact
  • Includes Torch
  • Includes Charger
  • Over 9000 KV Output Power
  • Includes Pouch


Stun Gun KL-958 Purpose:


The Stun Gun (KL-958) has a variety of unique features, including high voltage electric shock and strong illumination. Due to its long reach and power, it is an ideal self defense gadget for police officers, security guards, and civilians.

What is Stun Gun?


Smaller, lighter stun guns that are like a TV remote or calculator is used for self defence by make direct contact with the target. To sum up, Stun Gun (KL-958) work by delivering an electric shock on direct contact.

A less-lethal weapon that utilizes an electric shock to incapacitate a target by either temporarily disrupting voluntary muscle control or via pain compliance is known as an electroshock weapon. Various types of electroshock weapons exist.

When a stun gun is activated (usually by pulling a trigger), electricity passes between two metal prongs at the end of the weapon. When these electrified prongs touch the target, a painful shock is delivered.


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