Chambered in 9x22mm P.A.K.

– 14 Round magazine capacity with one extra chambered. – Manually toggled safety

– Single Action Only

– Semi Automatic


Length: 180mm

Height: 135mm

Weight: 794g



Security and Self Defence proudly presents the RETAY XR BLACK Blank Gun. RETAY XR BLACK Blank Gun – 9mm Blank Gun is used by French Police. Great replica of the pistol gendarmerie and customs in 9 mm PAK bore made for shooting defense ammos, blank gas or flashed. Very real, this model of RETAY XR BLACK blank gun pistol is simple to use and is ideal for self defence at home or outside.

RETAY XR BLACK blank gun is an awesome gun and as you know that Retay products are the best product in the market. The RETAY XR BLACK Blank Gun is a subcompact semi-automatic pistol which used blanks ammo.

RETAY XR BLACK Blank Gun Ammo:


This pistol is saled to only persons age 18+ All documents are required. If you are interested to buy this blank gun then contact us through our provided Contact Us page or Order us by just filling the provided fields.

We accept all orders even one blank gun to deliver. Retay XR BLACK blank gun is Semi Automatic and Double Action Blank Gun which is used to point defence. In south Africa many persons being used this weapon because it has many functions and easy to use.



This Blank Gun used 9 mm blanks or peppers cartridge, real ammo never used in this gun because it is not afforded to be fired the live fire.

We will deliver RETAY XR BLACK blank gun at your home address within 7 days national or internationally.

RETAY XR BLACK BLANK GUN is provided only on Security and Self Defence online store, we will provide you only one packet of blank and peppers cartridges. If you needed more then you have to contact our Security and self defence online store.

Why Blank Gun:


As you know that in South Africa, there are many cases happened for thief and murder. Therefore, you must protect your life but if you will use the actual Gun or Pistol then you have to take License from Government which will be difficult for you, but if you use Blank Firing Gun then you will never need to take any license.

You can also safe your life because blank gun fire is like the real and also it will hurt the killer or thief and he will be senseless for half hours. A blank gun is both safe and popular throughout the world in film and movie production, as well as for personal protection.


RETAY XR BLACK Blank Gun Features:


RETAY XR BLACK Blank Firing Gun catch available for Sale. RETAY XR BLACK blank gun has 9mm barrel and due to Blank Firing Gun, You do not need a Permit or licence to own a Blank Firing Gun/Pistol. Its few features are mentioned below so that you can imagine that how it will perform.

Caliber: 9 mm

Magazine Capacity: 18+1

Safety: Firing pin safety

Trigger: Double action

Mechanism System: Semi Automatic


About Blank guns:


RETAY XR BLACK BLANK GUN with silver on the safety Looks and feel the same as a real 9mm handgun, You load it the same and it Sounds the same as a real Gun but it has less recoil Because when its fired there’s no projectile coming out of the barrel.¬†

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