Caliber: 9 mm P.A.K
Magazine Capacity: 14+1
Length: 175 mm
Height: 129 mm
Weight: 767 gr
Trigger Single action
System Semi automatic


Retay G19C is a replica of the famous pistol Glock 19 model.It’s a semi auto and medium weight model. It has been used by various police and army forces in training. It can fire gas and signal flare ammunition. It has a plastic frame and single action semi auto model. There is picatinny rail to assemble flash light and laser. It is the perfect tool for self defence and keeping you and your home safe.


The RETAY G19 BLANK GUN is a subcompact semi-automatic pistol with chopped hammer (not striker fired). RETAY G19 BLANK GUN is made of polymer and has sloping backstrap horizontal serrations that are etched through the cantilevered, featureless middle-digit contact points with the handle. It’s a polymer/metal hybrid blank pistol with a metal slide, like all such guns.


Reassembling the gun may be difficult for those unfamiliar with how to field strip it, and its modest 5+1 magazine capacity may make some hesitate to consider it a self-defense weapon. The somewhat-stiff out-of-the-box blowback spring becomes apparent as you cock the weapon. To add realism, the sights are slightly higher than usual. A blank gun is safe and used all over the world in film and movie production, as well as for self-defence.

RETAY G19 Blank Gun Ammunition

RETAY G19 Blank Gun has a somewhat serrated tab behind the magazine buttplate that may be depressed back to release the magazine. When the slide is caught, it will reset and the user should be careful to avoid the slide’s bite his or her hand between the slide and ejection port since this can be unpleasant to inexperienced gun handlers.

RETAY G19 Blank Gun slide can be removed from the frame in three steps. After twisting the takedown lever 90 degrees downward, it may be ejected from the opposite side. The slide may then be pulled back to its maximum position before being removed from the frame. The blowback rod and its spring may be inspected and, if necessary, replaced or maintained at this stage.

They are used solely for self-defence and are perfectly legal to carry. They’re only useful for self-defence and must never be used to harm someone else. They are permitted to be carried without a license, and there is no requirement for one.


Why Blank Gun?

In any situation, effective weapons are preferable; this allows people interested in learning about shooting weapons to do so with a blank gun for practice and training. This is a really useful thing to have on hand in a variety of scenarios. Military and police training frequently utilize blanks instead of genuine guns to educate their personnel and troops in combat.

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