Baseball Baton for Self Defence




Brand BaseBall
Special Feature Loop for grip
Color Blue and White
Length 60 cm
Baton Steel Striking Surface 4140 Steel
Baton Release Cap
Weight 200 g




How to Use Baseball Baton for Self Defence?


Baseball Baton for Self Defence is very useful for self defence. The Baseball Baton for Self Defence is the most tactically sophisticated impact weapon currently available to law enforcement personnel. It has small length but can be erect when want to use.

For erection Baseball Baton for Self Defence used a soft button which expand by sharply flicking the baton straight up or straight down to extend the inner shafts. Each shaft is locked rigidly in place by a precision Friction taper. To retract the baton, strike the tip of the baton sharply downward on a hard surface, such as concrete.


Baseball Baton for Self Defence Design:


Baseball Baton for Self Defence is specially designed for professional use by the police and other security forces. It serves for fast self defense in different conflict situations. Black Chrome provides the most durable and corrosion resistant black baton finish.  Electroless is the most corrosion resistant finish. It is well suited to high humidity environments.

Baseball Baton for Self Defence can be opened by a sharp swing of the handle into a free space. The expanded telescopic tubes are then firmly secured by the friction of the cones. Baseball Baton for Self Defence can be carried tip up or tip down, while the versatile Nexus clips are removable and can easily be repositioned along the length of the handle to adapt to your personal carry preference.

Covertly conceal this baton inside your waistband or carry it on your belt.


  • Fast, Smooth Extension
  • Steel Shaft
  • Push-Baton Retraction
  • Versatile Nexus Clip



Baseball Baton for Self Defence Special Features:


Baseball Baton for Self Defence offers protection in the normal way at short distances. The flexible elastic pole is also concealed wearable without attracting attention. The baton will be delivered with a supporting loop and is available in the sizes 32 cm, 42 cm and 48 cm.

Specially designed rubber handle enables a secure hold. The rubber material is certified for long-term contact with the skin without health risks. Two types of handles are available. Its design significantly decreases any possibility of the baton being yanked from the hand and gives the user a comfortable certitude.


What is Batons?


On the street, there can be no tolerance for second best. It is here that the nation’s most respected and tactically advanced law enforcement agencies trust their safety to Batons. An intermediate force system of uncompromising quality from a firm with a long tradition of agency service.

Baseball Baton for Self Defence’s tubes are made of high quality hardened steel, tested over years with millions of batons already produced using this steel. The hardening makes the telescopic tubes extremely resistant against bending even during powerful strikes.


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