Air soft C 1911A plastic BB


C.1911A Airsoft Gun:
– High quality
– 290 fps
– Metal Alloy
– Steel Body
– Steel Magazine
– Spring system
– Weight: 593g

What’s in the box
1 x Airsoft Gun
1 x Small pack of 6mm plastic BBs

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Air soft C 1911A plastic BB:


Security and Self Defence proudly presents the Air soft C 1911A plastic BB Blank firing Gun. Air soft C 1911A plastic BB has two versions, pistol version and rifle version. Just by assembling one part, can Air soft C 1911A plastic BB pistol version turn to rifle version. It has metal front sight and is equipped with split silencer.

Air soft C 1911A plastic BB Characteristics


  1. Portable Co2 Pistol only 360 mm overall length
  2. Easy to cock and load
  3. Adjustable Trigger
  4. Both capable of single shot and multi-shot
  5. Metal front sight and equipped with split silencer
  6. Manual safety, portable and light CO2 Gun.

One of the most enjoyable guns you’ll ever shoot! The stock is sturdy and will last for decades of use. It’s light, simple to operate, and entertaining for the entire family.


Why Air Rile:


As you know that in South Africa, there are many cases happened for thief and murder. Therefore, you must protect your life but if you will use the actual Rile or Pistol then you have to take License from Government which will be difficult for you, but if you use Air Soft Riles then you will never need to take any license.

You can also safe your life because Air soft C.1911A plastic BB fire is like the real and also it will hurt the killer or thief and he will be senseless for half hours. A blank gun is both safe and popular throughout the world in film and movie production, as well as for personal protection.


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